Cigar Thermoelectric Cigar Cooler Humidor with Stainless Steel Trim Finish, Spanish Cedar Wood Shelves and Drawer with Built in Hygrometer


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Preserves Cigar Flavor – This premium cigar cooler is the ultimate tool in preserving the longevity of your cigar collection. Precise temperature controls and an integrated hygrometer make it easy to regulate both the temperature and RH of the cooler, preserving the distinct flavor of each cigar.
Stable Temperature and Humidity – Schmécké cigar coolers are airtight and insulated with heavy foam, ensuring that humidity stays inside and does not leak out. This storage device also cools from 61°F–72°F, while a built-in fan ensures that temperature is constant throughout the entire unit.
Removable Spanish Cedar Shelves – Pristine Spanish cedar not only helps regulate humidity levels, but also prevents the appearance of cigar beetles. Remove and rearrange the shelves to fit up to 250 Churchill sized cigars.
Blocks UV Rays – Attractive tempered smoked glass blocks out harmful UV rays, which damage the taste and aroma of tobacco.
Thermoelectric Technology – Extra efficient and super quiet, this thermoelectric-powered cigar cooler stays silent while producing zero vibrations.


* The perfect tool for maintaining the longevity of your cigar collection
* Precise cooling temperature controls adjust from 61°F to 72°F (16°C to 22°C)
* Integrated hygrometer measures RH% with +/-3% accuracy. Easily calibrated via a screw on the back
* Retains natural environment humidity and maintains relative humidity from 65% to 75%. If natural humidity is lower than 40%rh, easily adjust it by adding water to the included humidity tray.
* Fits up to 250 churchill cigars
* Highly efficient thermoelectric cooling technology
* Smoked glass door blocks out ‘cigar ruining’ UV rays
* Attractive smoked tempered glass door with stainless steel trim
* Pull-out premium Spanish cedar drawer and shelves
* Soft built-in light for convenient illumination, without damaging cigar flavor
* Low noise and zero vibrations
* Solid, CFC-free polyurethane foam insulation
* Easy-to-use digital controls
* Selectable Fahrenheit/Celsius temperature settings

Power Supply: 115 V / 60 Hz
Rated Power: 65 W
Temperature Range: 61°-72°F (16°-22°C)
Dimensions: 13.6”W x 20”D x 18.9”H (34.5 x 51 x 48 cm)
Weight: 25.6 lbs. (11.6 kg)
Total Capacity: 33 L / 1.2 ft³

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